Do you need a Business Partner?

People starting, or already in business often wonder if they need a business partner.
The answer will depend on two things, one of which is your temperament. Can you work alongside another person, or do you want to make all the decisions?
The other reason you may need a partner is because you have a specific ability, or skill, that is not in the entrepreneur mode. Because of this there will be certain business functions that you do not like doing, or cannot do; in this case you will more than likely need a partner.
Let me give you an example. You may be a designer who has come up a great product. But when it comes to financial matters, selling, marketing, etc., these are not your strong points. In this case a partner could be a valuable asset to you and your business.
If you decide to take on a partner you will need a person who can carry out the business functions that you are not good at. The important thing is that the partner must be able to complement your abilities. If the partner can bring this to the table it will make a perfect business partnership.
Having two people pull together in the same direction with each utilizing their own particular skills to obtain the finished job is the perfect balance. Sometimes it may require more partners depending on the complexity and size of the business.
The alternative to this is the one man band led by an entrepreneur who thrives on making decisions. A person who can motivate people, satisfies customers needs, sell, deal with suppliers, understands finance, the whole shebang.
This type of person is usually decisive, confident, full of self-belief, and lacks a degree of patience. Someone who is eager to finish the job quickly and efficiently. Hmmm, this sounds very much like me!

Military Veterans Back to Work

Leaving the military can be a daunting experience, how can we help get them back into business?
Statistics from says the national unemployment rate for post 9/11 military veterans is up to 9%, and upwards of 30% for younger veterans. This is far above the national average.
What can be done to help these people who have served us so well, how can we repay their unselfish dedication?
Veterans have special skills that can be used in the business world. The first things that come to mind are dedication, experience and leadership acquired in the military. These skills make them ready for just about any challenge the workforce could possibly present.
The answer lies in us helping them use their skills and getting them back into the commercial world.
My way is to present a seminar talking about the things they can do and how they should go about creating a business career.
My seminar is being organized in conjunction with the Government’s SBA. I have set aside 2 ½ – 3 hours for this session to set out my ideas and business plan for Vets. I have also allowed time for an extensive Q&A. Here is the promo for the talk from the SBA:
Military Veterans going into Business
Presented by: Victor Green
This seminar is for Veterans who have left, or are in the process of leaving the military. Victor Green is a successful entrepreneur with vast experience in business turnarounds and start-ups. He will offer solutions to many business issues and give solid advice to all attendees. Come join the discussion, bring your questions and get some practical guidance to help you with your entrepreneurial future. There will be time allotted for questions at the end of the session.
To reserve your place contact; Email:, Phone: (818) 552-3288 click on February 19 to make an online booking.
I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at this seminar. Make sure you have your questions ready.