Leadership in Business

To be successful in business you need to be a leader. By necessity, some are born to lead and others to follow; this is the way of life.
To be a success in business you need to set an example that others will want to follow. Every business person needs staff, and to get good staff you must show leadership qualities.
You must be enthusiastic, able to motivate others to follow your lead. You must demonstrate your commitment to what you are doing; your dedication will enthuse others. This is how you reach your goal.
When you come to the stage of employing staff, make sure you choose people who are really good at doing a particular job. Don’t try to get someone to do everything, as they will only be doing a bit of every job and will not satisfactorily complete any individual task. You will be cutting corners that might lead to failure. This would be a mistake
Good business management is knowing how to get 100% productivity from your staff. If you employ people who specialize in a particular job function, such as, accountant, designer, production, sales, you will build a strong team.
Successful business people and entrepreneurs know every aspect of their business and can perform every function within it. If you start a business, then you will, or should, know everything about it.
This knowledge enables you to judge the performance of your staff, because you can do their job you will know if they are good at it. This gives you peace of mind if anyone left or were sick, your business would not suffer since you could perform their job function in any emergency.
Detailed knowledge of your business is your insurance that insures you cannot be held ransom by anyone, or stop production, because a person is on vacation or ill.
With you as the boss, knowing all about the business, and with a carefully selected team, you are heading toward 100% functionality.
When appropriate give instructions by example, leadership, and good business practices start from the top.
If you are seen to act in a positive and professional manner, they will follow suit. If you have a very casual business attitude, they will see this as the way that they should act. If you continually stop for coffee breaks and take a long lunch break, go home at 5 p.m. and come in at 10 a.m., then you are setting the stage.
Be polite and firm with your staff. Never shout or raise your voice, always give clear instructions and make sure they understand what you have asked of them. Treat them with respect, as without them you may not have a business. Let them know they are appreciated for their good work. Always say please and thank you.
Never ask your staff to do anything you would not do.
A good boss will know how to assess and understand the ability of each person they employ. It is important to stretch your employees within their capabilities, not yours. Learn how to motivate your staff by example and never put them down in front of others. Show them respect and you will get it back.
However, a word of caution. Remember you are not their friend and that familiarity will breed contempt. There is a fine line between you and your staff. They must learn where that line is early on by you showing a positive professional attitude towards the business and what behavior is acceptable.

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