Pitch for a $Million

I am preparing a pilot sizzle for a business TV Reality show and I need volunteers for this.

1        I need people who have a good business idea that needs funding to pitch their idea to a panel of judges. If your pitch goes well you will be invited to pitch on the actual show.

2        I also need successful entrepreneurs to act as judges and mentors.

If you think you can meet the criteria then get in touch with me ASAP. All interviews will be via SKYPE. This sizzle will also be judging your ability to be on the actual show.

What you should have:

The ability to pitch your idea and know how to present it well.

To be a judge or mentor, business experience and success, a good personality and a great presence!

Documented experience that supports your business success showing you have the necessary skills to be a judge or mentor.

If you think you have the knowledge and personality then get in touch with me.

All information will be treated strictly confidential.


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