Book Synopsis

Book Synopsis

Book Synopsis

In this book, I will show you how, good basic business principles, should be applied and followed. It is written for both Men and Women who are already in business, those starting a business, Entrepreneurs ready to launch a new idea, and Students leaving College or University wanting to make their way in business.

Business is not an exact science. There is no written formula that can guarantee success, but there are basic rules that must be followed if you are to be successful. It is often said that you must use common sense; the sad thing is, sense is not common, it’s rare.

In this book, I have drawn on my past experiences in business, my failings, the shortcomings of the thousands I have mentored and those who have consulted me. This experience enables me to confidently advise people on what direction they should take to insure they do not come to a crossroad and then be unsure of which way to turn.

Book Synopsis - How to Succeeed in Business

I have written what I believe is an easy to read, easy to understand guide, of the basic do’s and don’ts in business. My comments are set out in a practical manner, based on fact, not as an academic lecturer in a college or university would tell you.

Most college lecturers have never run a business. Those of you reading this book, and have been to College or University, may find my views very different because they are gained at the actual front line of business.

There is no better advice than firsthand knowledge and experience. For example, try taking swimming lessons from a non-swimmer!

Too often, books on business and entrepreneurship are written by academics or leaders of industry, the famous named billionaires. There is nothing wrong with this, but I am not sure they help the up-and-coming smaller businessman, or entrepreneur, start a business.

Businessmen want ‘nitty gritty’ information that they can use and relate to their business. This is what you will get from my book.