Chapter Eight

Chapter 8: Motivate Yourself to Success

Motivate Yourself to Success

Motivation is a great asset to success. The first thing we all have to do is believe in ourselves and like ourselves. If you do not like yourself then no one else will. The world is full of successful people from all walks of life. Different cultures, race, religion and backgrounds, some good and some bad. But none of these issues are a reason why YOU cannot succeed. Being dedicated, determined and persistent, sacrificing what is necessary to fulfill your dreams.


We hear the word attitude used so much, what does it mean?

It means they way you approach issues and people. Are you pleasant or aggressive, if you are aggressive and argumentative then that is attitude, poor attitude. To be successful in life you have to adopt a good attitude. Be nice, caring, understanding and helpful to others less fortunate than you.

It does not mean that you have to go out of your way to be these things but when you are faced with a situation show good character. Nothing is really achieved by being aggressive and hard with people, you can get your point over by being firm and saying the things that you do not like. Shouting and being offensive is a waste of time and effort. You only end up with the sore throat.

Be Yourself

It is vital that you learn to be yourself not something other people want you to be or what you would like to be. You are you and that is it. If you accept who you are then others will also accept you. You can have as much cosmetic surgery as you want but it will change nothing. You will be the same person the only difference is that you will look different.

Learn who you are and be that person. When you accept this then others will do the same. The only thing that you need to change is you attitude and view of yourself. Do that and you are on your way to success.

Success Require Effort

There is no reason why you cannot be what you want to be and achieve your ambitions and desires. You will get back the same as you put into life, it is up to you. In life we must TRY and then give it some UMPH and then we have TRIUMPH.

Every successful person you know of has succeeded because they put in more effort than others. If you want to get to the top then put in that extra bit of effort. Don’t worry about little things like coffee breaks, lunch time, going home on time. Give your all and then you will get rewards. There are no half measures to success it is all or nothing.

Stay Focused

Being focused all the time makes you ready when opportunity knocks. If you are not focused all the time then you will miss out. Opportunities usually appear briefly and you need to have the clear vision to see them. Practice your focus every day so you will not miss out.

Dedication is the way to spot opportunities studying, reading and looking for developments. If you are on the ball all the time you will be able to see what is going on and be ready to move quickly.

Leave Your Baggage Behind

It is important that you do not carry your baggage from the past with you on your journey to success. If you want to move forward leave your baggage behind.

Do not complain about a poor education, lived in a poor neighborhood, parents did not support you, wrong race, color, etc. This is baggage from the past and is something you must not take with you on your journey to the future. Travel light, start life fresh. No one wants to hear about your problems and until you get rid of them and leave them in the past where they belong you will be holding yourself back. Take the brakes off and go ahead full speed.

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