Chapter Two

Chapter 2: Identifying your audience: Marketing and Selling

Identifying your audience

Identifying your audience, your potential customers, is a major priority. Do not make assumptions about who your future customers are going to be, find out exactly who they are so you know who they will be . It is important that you know that every penny you spend on marketing will be directed to the people you want to reach. Don’t say that everyone can buy my products or services. This may be true in the long run, but at the start it’s not. Knowing who your customers are helps you select the most suitable promotions and media for advertising. This directs you to where you will get the most effective exposure for your hard earned dollars.

Finding a target audience

Your potential audience is directed by the intentions of your business. The first thing to do is list down the people you think will be customers. From your research you should have clear guidelines as to who will buy your product or service and the reasons why. You then have to assess how you can get to these customers. Study newspapers, magazines and all other media outlets. Find articles about your business idea and see what is being said about your product. This will lead you to the audience most interested in what you have on offer. Don’t make the fatal mistake of assuming who your customers can be. Don’t rely on friends and family to tell you. Walk the streets if you have to, but find out for yourself as you will be the person who has to make it work. There are no shortcuts to success.

Who’s ready to buy?

There are always people ready to buy every product and services on offer. All you have to do is make sure that what you have to sell will benefit the customer. Customers will buy even in a slow economy if it has clear advantages for them. Will it improve their business; will they make money from you? If you offer these advantages then there will be interest. It is up to you to clearly understand your business and your potential market place.

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