“Since 2006, Victor Green has generously and freely donated his time and advice of his lifelong business experience to the entrepreneur clients of Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment (PACE) Business Development Center. He has done this because he enjoys sharing and meeting with his clients and he has not only shared with but also learned from his clients during all these years. His enthusiasm of sharing continue in the form of this book which is culmination of all those interactions and knowledge. You will learn of Victor Green’s life business experience dotted with business practical nuggets that can be applicable to your business throughout the book. It is almost an operating manual that you can go back as a reference.”
Namoch Sokhom
Director of PACE Business Development Center
Los Angeles

“Mr. Green puts together suggestions of a serial entrepreneur that make clear sense, in a logical order, and are worth a thoughtful read by ANYONE wanting to make a success of their career in business.”
James G. Ellis
Marshall School of Business
University of Southern California

“The book’s message is easy to understand and grasp because of the conversational and humorous tone which is backed up by the author’s personal and successful business experiences…which lend authenticity and justification to what is being offered in this book. This very valuable information will be of help to every business person.”
Jerry Earle
Former Board Member and Senior Counselor
SCORE, Los Angeles Chapter

“I like the book, a very easy read, full of sensible advice. I have also read hundreds of management/self help type of books and I have thrown them in the bin as soon as I have finished with them. I think I will pass yours onto others.”
Guernsey, UK

“I finished your wonderful book, and I wanted to thank you for writing it. I enjoyed it from the start, and most importantly, I learned a whole bunch of things that I needed to know.

Your emphasis on doing all of the hard work and detail that must be done, is very encouraging.

I especially appreciated the chapter on self-motivation and having a passion. It’s good to know that a passion for business and hard work is a healthy thing.”
Los Angeles, California, USA

“I took your book on holiday and read it through twice.

I have since re-thought my business plan and service structure and more importantly – come back with a list of priorities.

Thank you for a good read and a wakeup call.

London, UK

“…It was very impressive to read someone tell about his mistakes and losses. Not everyone can”

“I’m about 3/4 way through the book. Love your energy! I’m guessing there are just a handful of beings on this planet that could do what you pulled off.”
Los Angeles

“Must say, all your very salient points are ones that — having been a business owner myself at one point — were the ones that I subscribed to. Especially profits vs. sales figures. And yes, I’ve often heard myself say that it’s hubris that trips one up eventually if one is not careful. Always important to do the homework/research. Loved your advice mixed with very catchy buzz phrases that are easy to recall for one on their way.”