Over 100 chapters of useful information to help Entrepreneurs; people who are starting a business; people running a business; and young ambitious and enthusiastic students who want sound, good, practical advice, about their business.

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Title: Starting a Business

It Starts with a Buzz

The University of Life

Service, Service, Service

What Business Should You Be In

When is the right time to Start a business

Don’t Be a Flake

Get It Right from the Start-Build Your Business like an Egyptian Pyramid

My First Business Venture

How I Started My Business

Where It Went Wrong

Making a Mistake
Don’t Burn Your Bridges

Damage Limitation and Control

How I Moved On

Controlling Your Financial Exposure

Getting Help with Your Idea

How do You Research Your Idea

Why You Have a Business

Always Be Prepared

Vertical or Horizontal Vision

What Direction to Follow

Leadership and Employing Staff

Guiding Your Management Team

Enjoy Your Work and Your Life

Get Your Products and Services Right

Low Cost Products and Service is not the Way Ahead

Do You Need a Business Partner

Business Expansion

If You Want to Diversify, of What Should You Be Aware

More Examples of Business Expansion

The Importance of Good Time Keeping

Time Management

Real Estate Investment

Finding the Solution

Title: Identifying Your Audience: Marketing & Selling

Audience Identification

Marketing Strategy Options

Who Are You Going to Sell to and How

Business Name Recognition

Effective Advertising

Market Intelligence

Special Marketing Offers


Search Engine Recognition

My Experience with Websites

Portal Websites

The Downside of the Internet

The Best Way to Sell

How to Keep in Contact with Your Customers

Public Relations

Successful Marketing Examples

Thinking Outside the Box-Pop up Stores

Title: Maximizing on Your Audience

Getting more from your customers
Customer retention

Title: Financial Management

The Importance of Profit and Loss Information

Profit and Loss Statement

Cash Flow

Gross and Net Profit

What Should Your Profit Mark-Up Be

Vanity or Sanity-Sales or Profit

Getting Paid on Time
Chasing a Bad Debt

The Art of Negotiation

Examples of Negotiation

Successful Tips on Negotiation

Title: Raising Money, Buying and Selling a Business

Utilizing Your Cash

Buying a Business

Selling a Business

Valuing Your Business-How Much Is It Worth

Raising Money for Your Business

Borrowing Money

Preparing a Business Plan

Preparing to Meet a Bank or Investor

Tips on Negotiating an Investor Deal

An Exit Strategy from Your Business

What to Include In an Investor Agreement


Title: Professional Advice

Lawyers and CPA’s Are Human

The Cost of Professionals

Understand Every Agreement and Contract

Know what you are getting in every deal

Keep Them on Their Toes

How Much Professional Business Advice Should You Listen to

Keep Notes of Meetings

Title: Why Businesses Fail

Some of the Reasons for Failure

Is It Time to Expand or Diversify

Have You Enough or Too Many Staff

How to Expand Your Existing Business

What You Should Do Now

Title: What is an Entrepreneur
Title: Summary of Points to Remember


Victor Green was born in London, England, to a middle class family. He had two brothers, one older and one younger. His parents were not in business, just average parents trying to do their best for their family.From a very young age, Victor had an old head on young shoulders; he often said he must have been 40 when he was born! For some unknown reason he had an incredible thirst and loads of energy, to learn, not at school, but about business matters and how he could make money.

He always wanted to know how business worked and how to do everything himself. This, in later years, became of great value. He was able to assess things quickly and with his firsthand knowledge knew

About The Newpreneurs

Newpreneurs is a show where entrepreneurial Gen Z contestants, under 25, can pitch their idea to Angel Investors in the hope of receiving an investment of up to $250,000 in their business.

About The Show

Newpreneurs will be streamed on both a digital platform and through social media. You can watch and view all segments at any time you choose. New episodes are released daily, Monday-Friday. Applications are free; daily viewing is free with sign up.

We will follow 2 contestants, every week, on their journey preparing to pitch to our Angel Investors. We will allow the viewing audience to see behind the scenes mentoring of each contestant as they receive business advise to prepare for pitching and advise which we hope helps the viewing audience as well.  

We will be adding educational videos and fireside chats to help our audience and applicants with tools to become successful in business. 

This is a great opportunity for you to Shine as a successful Newpreneur.

Celebrating entrepreneurship & product innovation, Victor Green appeared as a Business Expert on the latest Season of Hatched

Celebrating entrepreneurship & product innovation, Victor Green appeared as a Business Expert on the latest Season of Hatched

Celebrating entrepreneurship & product innovation, Victor Green appeared as a Business Expert on the latest Season of Hatched

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