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How to Succeed in Business will give you answers to the many issues you will face in business. It is written for men and women entrepreneurs, people already in business and those starting a business understand what it takes to make it in the business world.

Not only will I tell you what to do to make your business succeed, I will also tell you about the things I did wrong so that you will not make the same mistakes. More info >>
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Victor Green has been a successful business entrepreneur for 50 years.
After extensive success he wants to share his knowledge and experience with business people at every stage of their business life.
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    How to Succeed in Business

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    Business Expert Victor Green
    on Hatched!

    Celebrating entrepreneurship and product innovation, Victor Green appeared as a Business Expert on the latest Season of Hatched!

    He gave American inventors valuable business advice and opportunities to help take their products to the next stage!

    Over 20 episodes, Victor joined a group of retail experts and was presented with new innovative product ideas by budding entrepreneurs. See Victor in action here.

    Victor is available for speaking engagements for Corporate and General Seminars and Lectures.
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