About The Author – Victor Green

About The Author – Victor Green

About the Author - Victor Green

Victor Green was born in London, England, to a middle class family. He had two brothers, one older and one younger. His parents were not in business, just average parents trying to do their best for their family.
From a very young age, Victor had an old head on young shoulders; he often said he must have been 40 when he was born! For some unknown reason he had an incredible thirst and loads of energy, to learn, not at school, but about business matters and how he could make money.

He always wanted to know how business worked and how to do everything himself. This, in later years, became of great value. He was able to assess things quickly and with his firsthand knowledge knew what needed to be done in business situations. Because of this, he could spot opportunities quickly and move faster than others. Victor had business smarts and the ability to make quick decisions.

His energy, and inquisitive nature, made him look at many business opportunities, some of which he tried before he eventually became his own boss. Ideas such as: opening a deli, importing cuff links from the USA, silk ties from Italy, importing Sangria from Spain.

His first full-time business venture was starting a publishing company. From this he went on to start many other businesses, such as organizing conventions, printing, advertising, direct mail, PR, photography, import and export, manufacturing, soccer clubs, website design, creating portal websites, real estate, finance company, business consulting, mentoring and lecturing on business matters.

His business experience also covers selling and acquiring businesses, helping company start-ups and revitalizing failing businesses. He is a “true entrepreneur” who has had great success in business.
Victor started his business career in a menswear store at the age of 12, helping out after school.

How to Succeed in Business by Victor Green

He left school at 15 and went full time into the menswear business, becoming a manager of a store when he was just 16. This was a great job for a young man, but his energy and enthusiasm was not really suited to being behind a glass door of a store waiting for a customer to come in.

He felt the job became restrictive because he could do nothing to get customers into the store. He had to wait patiently until someone came in. His frustration, on quiet days, made him look elsewhere to satisfy his hunger for greater success.

At the age of 21, he started a new career by joining a publishing company, selling advertising space in their various periodical trade magazines. At age 29, married with two and a half kids (one in the oven), he decided it was time to start his own full-time business venture as the publisher of his own trade magazine.

His savings at this time were $3,000, he had just bought a house and his monthly salary, with all the jobs he did outside normal working hours, was $500. This was a lot of money at a time when his friends were earning about $200. Today, there would be a few more zeros on these numbers.

His first business venture was his stepping stone to his future business journey and the opening of many other businesses. It is an interesting journey with many ups and downs, all of which he will share with you.
I tell you what to do to make your business succeed, I will also tell you about the things I did wrong so that you will not make the same mistakes.