Are Presidential Elections the latest reality show?

Being raised in London and now a resident of California, I cannot help but compare the Electoral system in the UK with the USA.

One aspect in particular is the campaign process of the Presidential election and the incredible amount of time and money wasted by candidates trying to get elected. This comment does not apply just to the potential candidates, but the election of judges, district attorneys, school boards, etc. the electoral process.

By allowing money to influence, and possibly dictate, who should win an election, means that you don’t always get the best candidate. Knowing that, it’s no surprise that this may be the richest person or the candidate who raises the most money. What’s startling is that when you hear news coverage, you’re not just given the content of the politician’s speeches or platform, but also the amount of money they raised as if this was a deciding factor!

Just because someone advertises more than another does not mean they are better suited for public office! If a voter likes the advertisement, they may vote for that person and ignore the actual content of what the candidate is offering to better the country.

Surely, it would make sense to limit promotional expenditure so that the voter can see all candidates on an equal footing and then decide who is the best person for the job, not who spends the most money and makes the best ads, right? It would make more sense if the advertising money was allocated by the Government to ensure that they all had the same amount to spend and dash donor’s expectations of influencing policy in the future.

Another issue that I find strange is that the election process for President takes two years, plus millions, if not billions of dollars. When it comes down to it, this money could be spent in many better and more productive ways to help the country. It would be more sensible if each party decided who they wanted to be their leader outright to prevent money being wasted by numerous candidates seeking election.

Politics has many strange habits perhaps the time is right for some tweaking?