Business failure can be turned into a success!

Too many people think that if they fail in their business pursuits, they are bad business people. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Making mistakes can be good. While this sounds strange, it’s true.
One thing I learned from my business experiences is that everyone makes mistakes in business. If someone says he hasn’t, he either has a bad memory or is a liar.
Since mistakes are usually costly and painful, they are the best way to learn right from wrong. You will always remember what you did to produce an undesirable result and will take the proper measures to never repeat it. If you look at it as part of the learning curve, a misstep is not a big deal. Knowing, recognizing and admitting what you did wrong are crucial steps to prevent you from making any in the foreseeable future.
Mistakes will add strength to your character and make you more cautious, and inquisitive. You will become more street smart, and successful. Don’t be upset if you mess it up, just look at it as something you can correct and then move on.
I failed several times in business, I never was put off by my mistakes. Quite the opposite, they made me more determined to succeed.
The lessons I learned from my mistakes gave me the right perspective, understanding and mentality to achieve business success.
In my book I highlight the mistakes I made, there are good lessons to be learned from these.