Golden opportunities lost

A ‘Golden opportunity’ in any business is to receive an unsolicited inquiry, or one directly through advertising or recommendation. These opportunities do not happen very often, and it amazes me how many people screw up these inquiries. It is vitally important that with all inquiries you take action by responding quickly.

More often than not, the inquiry you receive will have been given to several other companies. The first company to respond gets a positive head start. Companies that get inquiries and take their time to respond show the customer they are not on the ball and do not have enough care and concern for their customers.

Think about it, if you make an inquiry, how do you feel when you do not get an immediate response, or, worse, you have to call the company again? I know I would lose all trust in them, especially if I had to chase them again and they say, “We have been very busy.” Too busy to look after customers, is that ever a good excuse? What this says to me is that if they are too busy, why should I even use them? If I do, there is a likelihood they will let me down.

If the response is bad, you would go to the guy who responds quickly and offers you a visit or sends you literature. He then calls the next day to see that you have the information and if you require any more help. Now, this is the guy I want to do business with!

Build your reputation on excellent service and support. Treat all inquiries with a good attitude at all times. These individuals will remember this and perhaps they will become your loyal customers in the future. This is all part of building a good business reputation.

A positive attitude, even when things get difficult, will keep you on the right course forever. Treat all inquiries as a priority and respond to them the same day. This shows enthusiasm and care for the customer.
Here’s an example of good customer relations: you go to a restaurant and receive a warm welcome when you arrive. You are immediately taken to your table or asked to sit at the bar if your table is not ready. They offer you a complimentary drink for keeping you waiting. They are giving you good service, which you will remember.

The end result is that you will tell everyone how great the service was and they will tell others and so on. That establishment will grow their business because of the good service and the goodwill they have created. First impressions count, don’t forget this.