What’s in a name – a lot!

Not using a meaningful business name is a lost and wasted marketing opportunity.
When starting a business you should decide on a company name that reflects what the company has to offer. I do not like names like Jones LLP or Smith & Doe because they can be anything from a lawyer to a dentist, shoemaker or hairdresser.
I do like Smith & Doe Realtors or Jones Shoemakers because at a glance, you know what they offer. The same should apply to your product name, the “Eazeee Floor Cleaner,” “Speedy Car Cleaner,” not “Wipe It;” because does it say what it wipes?
The worst example of poor advertising was a sign I saw recently that said “Sleepezze.” What was it selling or offering? Was it a bed, a pillow, or maybe sleep medication? I will let you guess which it was. All I know is that they wasted their advertising money.
Using a meaningful product, or company name, is capitalizing on the business and gives you a permanent marketing opportunity every time the name of the company and its products are seen.
Always use every opportunity to state exactly, in brief positive descriptive words, what you have to offer, as you may only get a microsecond for someone to see what you sell.