Why You Should Buy This Book

Numerous books have been published on business and now you are asking yourself, "Why should I buy this book when there are so many books on the market?" A good question that requires a good answer, so here it is:

Like many of you, I have seen lots of books about business, but to me, many of them are not aimed at the audience I am writing this book for.

It is great to hear about the success of the Captains of Industry and how they made billions, but will it help you start and run a business, or show you how to use your entrepreneurial flair? I don't think they will and that's why I have written my book based on, the 'Green Way' to success.

Join me on my journey. I think you will find it fascinating and interesting, above all, helpful to your future.

In this book, I have set out the basis for starting a new business as well as how to successfully operate an existing business. Highlighted are the things you should do to get your business right and also the things you should not do. It will be invaluable reading to every budding entrepreneur and those already in business.

I give examples of decisions made in my businesses when things got tough, and how I dealt with them. I also explain how to expand your business and make more money.

I will tell you what I did to be successful and also show you the mistakes I made, and the reasons why they went wrong.

The 'Green Way' of doing things has proved successful for me and I want to share this with you so you can also become a success. My basic business rules are easy to understand and follow.

I have written this book for men and women entrepreneurs, people already in business, those starting a business and it will also be invaluable in helping graduates understand what it takes to make it in the business world.

I will explain how to look at, and assess, a new business; sell and market it; finance it; make a genuine profit; borrow money; negotiate deals; expand your business with your existing customers; motivate yourself; identify your audience; financial control; how to be an true entrepreneur; and buy and sell a business.

These are some of the reasons why this book will help you further your business success and make you the next multimillionaire.

First, here is some information about me:
My first full-time business venture was a publishing company. From this I went on to start many other businesses, such as organizing conventions, printing, advertising, direct mail, PR, photography, import and export, manufacturing, soccer clubs, website design, creating portal websites, real estate, finance, business consulting and mentoring and lecturing on business matters.

Victor Green - Why you should buy this book

My business experience also covers selling and acquiring businesses, as well as helping company start-ups and revitalizing failing businesses.

I am what I believe to be a "true entrepreneur" who has had great success in business.

My first business venture was my stepping stone to my future business journeys and the opening of many other businesses. It is an interesting journey with many ups and downs, all of which I will share with you.

My experiences are set out in an easy to understand way that will show you actual examples of things I did to make money. This information is based on my personal successes and failures.

I set out the reasons for many of my views on business and detail the decisions that went right and the ones what went wrong, an opportunity for you to see both sides of the coin.

You will read about my firsthand experience of what business is all about, and what makes it tick and stop ticking.

My business experience is vast and what I have learned is covered in this book, making it compelling reading for anyone who really wants to succeed in business.

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I have enjoyed writing it.