Newpreneurs is a show where entrepreneurial Gen Z contestants, under 25, can pitch their idea to Angel Investors in the hope of receiving an investment of up to $250,000 in their business. 

About the show

Newpreneurs will be streamed on both a digital platform and through social media. You can watch and view all segments at any time you choose. New episodes are released daily, Monday-Friday. Applications are free; daily viewing is free with sign up.

We will follow 2 contestants, every week, on their journey preparing to pitch to our Angel Investors. We will allow the viewing audience to see behind the scenes mentoring of each contestant as they receive business advise to prepare for pitching and advise which we hope helps the viewing audience as well.  

We will be adding educational videos and fireside chats to help our audience and applicants with tools to become successful in business. 

This is a great opportunity for you to Shine as a successful Newpreneur.

How can we help?

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